A Ben Thomas Creative Coaching Experience

A coaching experience designed to help worship leaders and planners tap into their unique, artistic approach and create meaningful experiences that resonate with the heartbeat and values of their community.

What is a Living Liturgy?

Liturgy is a word loaded with meaning. For some it may childhood memories of pretending not to doze off while slouching in a pew, adult family members rhythmically standing, sitting, and mumbling their way through rote prayers they pretended to know.


The word “liturgy” comes from the Greek word litourgia, which translates very simply as “the work of the people”. The work of the people… the collective service and worship put into practice by the body of Christ. Our liturgy should involve our gifts, our resources, our individual and corporate identities. Our liturgy should be participatory and reflective of the group. Our liturgy should serve.

Technically, your morning routine is a liturgy. Your commute to work is a liturgy. You experience liturgy at a dance club and at Target.

When we gather for corporate worship (“corporate” being used here to describe the experience of worship as body of believers, not that our church is owned by Pepsi) we experience and participate in liturgy. I’ve heard some people differentiate between different worship styles as “liturgical” and “non-liturgical”. What I think they mean is that some communities tend to celebrate with certain liturgical elements that have deep roots of tradition, while others celebrate with an informal form that is usually more focused on presentation. Oftentimes this informal form is dismissed as “non-liturgical”, but considering our earlier definition of liturgy, I would argue that the use of pop-worship songs, concert lighting, and giant projection screens are actually all elements of liturgy.

So how do we do it? What’s the formula?

Here’s the issue: developing a Living Liturgy for you and your community involves developing artist-leaders, taking creative risks, and exploring the intersection of your community’s values, leadership and practices. It’s a culture shift more akin to the creative process than business as usual. None of this happens overnight and all of it requires significant investment.

But what’s the alternative?

More of the same? More plug and play, copy/paste worship, “fill 20 minutes” gatherings?

It’s your choice.

The Living Liturgy Coaching Experience


The topics we’ll cover together:

“Liturgical Elements” - exploring liturgy, church calendar, scripture, meditation and other tools for your gatherings.

“The Human Factor” - strengthening your stage presence as a dynamic, human leader.

“Experience Alignment” - Aligning your church’s values with your weekend experience.

“Handcrafted Liturgy” - Writing custom liturgies, responses and songs.

“Diversity and Inclusivity” - Creating a true “work of the people” by utilizing a greater variety of people in your community.

“Rhythms of a Creative Leader” - weekly planning, time management and tools to keep you in creative flow.

“Creative Leadership” - Building and leading a team.

“Creative Personal Development” - striking a healthy balance of you as an ARTIST and you as a LEADER.

Two programs to choose from:


Individual coaching allows for the largest investment in your leadership. Through regular video and phone calls, we’ll be able to explore the nuances of your particular situation and I’ll be able to support you directly as you and your community grow and take steps to implement change.

A snapshot:

MONTHLY - 45-minute, one-on-one coaching conversations - a deep dive into your development, setting goals for you as an artist and leader.

WEEKLY - 20-minute check-in conversation - tune-up and practical planning help.

Duration: 6 months


The Living Liturgy Coaching Community is an easy, low-cost way to grow as a leader, artist and experience curator with a small group of others. Not only will you learn from me, but you’ll learn from your peers and walk away from the program with a new group of friends!

A snapshot:

WEEKLY - 30-minute group video calls with teaching, group discussion and case studies

REGULAR ACCESS to a community group online

Includes ONE 30-minute one-on-one session midway through the program

Duration: 6 months


Have other questions? Shoot me an email at

About Ben Thomas


Ben who?

Ben Thomas is a singer/songwriter who has released 5 full-length solo albums, and a dozen or so EPs and singles over the past 20 years. He currently resides in Southern California with his wife (writer and teacher, Joy Thomas) and their two daughters, Lucy and Elliana.

In addition to his career as a recording and performing artist, Ben has also served on the staff of two different church communities in the Chicago area for 16 years, helping people connect with each other and God though liturgies and experiences on a weekly basis.

In 2016, Ben and his family moved to Southern California to launch a mentoring-focused recording studio and arts space in Santa Ana, leveraging the local arts community and creative culture to make an impact on under-resourced students.

Ben is currently finishing production on his 5th full length album and developing new and innovative ways to remind us why we are on this planet via Guided Concert Experiences, individual and group coaching.

View Ben’s full Professional Summary here


What otherS say

“I’ve known Ben Thomas for years and I’ve seen him consistently craft intimate, approachable, and deeply meaningful experiences that help people connect with wonder and mystery in a way that inspires, motivates, and provokes them to long for something more. He is warm and relatable, yet offers a richness through creativity and music that has profoundly impacted my own journey. On top of it all, he’s just a swell guy.”

- Larry Boatright - Founder - Lead Build Live, Executive Pastor - South Fellowship, Denver, CO


“Ben Thomas unites a room offering pause and vulnerability as he engages the spirit of humanity in the lost art of just BEING.”

- Elizabeth Stepien // Community member and Guided Concert participant


It’s nearly impossible to put a label on Ben Thomas. Yes, he’s a singer, songwriter, producer, performer. But he’s also a poet, prophet and mystic who knows who he is, but refuses to take himself too seriously. Whether he is producing in a studio or performing alone with his guitar, Ben’s artistry is thoughtful and intentional, yet insanely authentic and meaningful

- Scott Hodge // Founder - Society 57, Lead Pastor - The Orchard Community, Aurora, IL


Ben makes music that stirs the waters deep within and curates gatherings that are spiritual oxygen for sojourners needing to breathe in a season of deconstruction and becoming.

- Travis Reed // Founder - The Work of the People


Ben Thomas is a master at communicating deep truths that resonate with the cultural soul. He has an extraordinary ability to lead not just individuals but an audience through his creative vision, music, lyrics, and heart to a place of deep introspection and powerful action. He sees people right where they are and holds them in that present space while guiding their gaze toward the path forward. Not limited by boundaries, Ben illuminates roads not traveled with an adventurous spirit that moves everyone forward.

- Adam Mock // Leadership Coaching Specialist


Ben is one of those dope people that is equal parts creative, leader and innovator. He also happens to be a blast to work with - the kind of person others just want to be around.

- Caleb Luper // Founder and CEO of Triple Threat Mentoring