"Bring Forth" is a collection of songs by Ben Thomas inspired by a handful of hymn lyrics dating from the 4th century to the 20th century, all seeking to find the Divine in the everyday elements of our existence... life, death, creation, re-creaton, dawn, day, dusk.

BRING FORTH: DAWN - Available April 28th
BRING FORTH: DAY - Available May 26th
BRING FORTH: DUSK - Available June 23rd

Pre-order now and receive an immediate download of the first single, Again, the Lord


Much can be said about the rhythms of life we find in the everyday. From the microscopic of cells coming into existence, growing, reproducing and passing their DNA to the next generation, to the macro-space cycle of stars being born, dying, etc. This creative cycle that seems so second nature to our existence seems to echo the nature of Divine in all created order.

In between it all we find ourselves plunged everyday into a life of birth and death and rebirth, embedded with an urge to mimic this great Creator in every aspect of life - creating and recreating, holding hands with this Divine Dance Partner, breathing in the old and breathing out something new - using the created order to contribute another note into this great symphony.

This collection of songs became an opportunity for me to do just that. The raw materials I used to create these songs came from a handful of hymns, mostly written long before I walked the planet. I used those hymns as starting points, the building blocks for the songs of this project, to which I added melody and arrangements and new lyrics to bring forth a creation that feels as much like “me” as anything I’ve ever created.

Making this record has been one of the most fulfilling experiences in my life and has taught me a ton about the act of creating and re-creating… standing on the shoulders of others who have written before me, partnering with those around me via a $10,000 Kickstarter campaign, and mirroring the movements found in Creation itself - Dawn. Day. Dusk. - Humanity and Divinity in a daily dance of creation.

The songs will be released in 3 movements, echoing a fundamental cycle we find ourselves in every day: TIME. The first chapter is called Dawn, the second, Day and the third, Dusk. My hope is that these songs will find their way into the common parts of your life - your dawn, your day, your dust - the rhythm of your everyday, and speak to you in surprising ways.

~ Ben Thomas, April 2015

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