Ben Thomas Creativity Coaching

A one-on-one coaching experience designed to help you bring your unique contribution to life.


I think you have something our world needs.

But sometimes that something feels stuck, overwhelming, or hard to define. It’s that crappy, unsettled feeling just below your skin that keeps you tossing in bed at night. It’s the seemingly random flurry of ideas that make your heart race like a teenager on a first date.

I know because I’ve been where you’re at. I know what it feels like to NOT bring your unique contribution to the world. To be so caught up in the upkeep of life that you feel trapped. Out of sync. Out of tune. Just moving. Just noise.

I’m here to help you tune in.

Together, we’ll work to build rhythms into your life that keep you in tune, in creative flow, and living a life more fully aligned with why you’re on this planet.


What I’ve Learned

Over the past 20 years I’ve developed practices and techniques that have moved me to that “stuck” feeling to the creative momentum necessary to create 6 full-length albums, dozens of EPs and singles, videos, artistic communities, non-profit projects and more.

These projects have defined some of the most vital moments of my life, and have served as concrete reminders why I’m on this planet. Two decades into my career I’m ready to start sharing what I’ve learned and helping others tap into their unique creativity


The Ben Thomas Creativity Coaching Experience

Some of the topics we’ll cover together:

  • Getting unstuck

  • Staying open to possibilities around you

  • Taking the right risks

  • Exploring YOUR creative process

  • Managing your time effectively

  • Assessing your blind spots

  • Developing lifelong rhythms that keep you healthy and creative

My approach combines art, music and mindfulness with traditional coaching. It is a unique combination I’ve developed in my experience a singer/songwriter, creative leader and pastor.



Ben Who?

Ben Thomas is an indie-folk-ish singer/songwriter who has written, recorded and released 5 full-length albums, and a dozen or so EPs and singles over the past ump-teen years. He currently resides in Southern California with his wife Joy and their two daughters, Lucy and Elliana.

In addition to his career as a recording and performing artist, Ben has also served on the staff of two different church communities in the Chicago area for 15 years, helping people connect with each other and The Divine though liturgies and experiences on a weekly basis.

In 2016 Ben and his family moved to Southern California to launch a mentoring-focused recording studio and arts space in Santa Ana, leveraging the local arts community and creative culture to make an impact on under-resourced students.

Ben is currently finishing production on his 6th full length album and developing new and innovative ways to remind us why we are on this planet via Guided Concert Experiences.



It’s nearly impossible to put a label on Ben Thomas. Yes, he’s a singer, songwriter, producer, performer. But he’s also a poet, prophet and mystic who knows who he is, but refuses to take himself too seriously. Whether he is producing in a studio or performing alone with his guitar, Ben’s artistry is thoughtful and intentional, yet insanely authentic and meaningful!
— Scott Hodge, Founder - Society 57, Lead Pastor - The Orchard Community, Aurora, IL
Ben makes music that stirs the waters deep within and curates gatherings that are spiritual oxygen for sojourners needing to breathe in a season of deconstruction and becoming
— Travis Reed, Founder - The Work of the People