I create music & experiences that
remind you why you’re on this planet.

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I think you have something our world needs.

I think you have something unique inside of you that the world needs. It’s the mixed cocktail of where you’ve been, what you love and your unique DNA. It’s the thing that keeps you tossing in bed at night and makes your heart rate rise like a first date when you think about it. It’s that thing that keeps popping up over the years and haunts you like a good kind of addiction.

Some people call it a purpose but that word feels small to me.

It’s more like a way of living and being that allows us to be fully awake, alive, fully human.

I think a lot of us get glimpses of it here and there but are so caught up in the upkeep of our lives that we miss it. Suddenly we wake up and we feel like life has trapped us. We are out of sync. Out of tune. Just moving. Just noise.

I’m here to help you tune in.
I create music and experiences that remind you why you are on this planet.


Guided Concert Experiences

Art and music have the ability to transcend our monkey brain logic and plug us into something mysterious and beautiful. Art and music have the ability to reconnect us to our purpose in a way that words alone fail to do. The experiences my team and I create use music, art, storytelling and silence to reconnect us to this purpose and deepen the connection between us.

In your home

Invite your family and friends to an intentionally curated evening of music and connection. My home experiences offer an intimate, guided concert right in the comfort of your living room. Create a memorable opportunity for those closest to you to breathe deep and be reminded why they are on this planet together. A unique, high-end alternative to a traditional party or a way to deepen the sense of community in your neighborhood.

With your team

Inject a dose of creativity and purpose into your team with an experience that will empower the individual and deepen the interpersonal connection between team members. Investing a couple hours together in a a guided concert experience that tunes people into their unique purpose has the potential to unlock a new levels of confidence and unity in your organization. Customizations are available for teams looking to infuse their unique values into the experience.


Bars, cafes, theaters, clubhouses, yoga studios, amusement parks… Use your imagination! Let’s partner to gather to design a unique experience in an alternative space.


Ben Who?

Ben Thomas is an indie-folk-ish singer/songwriter who has, among other accomplishments, has written, recorded and released 5 full-length albums, and a dozen or so EPs and singles over the past ump-teen years. He currently resides in Southern California with his wife, writer and teacher Joy Thomas, and their two daughters, Lucy and Elliana.

In addition to his career as a recording and performing artist, Ben has also served on the staff of two different church communities in the Chicago area for 15 years, helping people connect with each other and God though liturgies and experiences on a weekly basis.

In 2016 Ben and his family moved to Southern California to launch a mentoring-focused recording studio and arts space in Santa Ana, leveraging the local arts community and creative culture to make an impact on under-resourced students.

Ben is currently finishing production on his 6th full length album and developing new and innovative ways to remind us why we are on this planet.



“Ben loves the smell of dead fish and hitting himself in the crotch with golf clubs. It’s really weird actually now that I say it. Oh, and he sings like a f**king girl.”
— Johnny Cash
If farts could sing, well... Ben Thomas
— My mom